Friday, January 25, 2013

What's Penny Wearing? # 84 Embroidered, Embellished & Bright

I found the jacket Penny is wearing today at a thrift store here in town. The first time I saw it, I tried it on. It fit me. I liked it. But I couldn't justify paying the price they were asking.
Every time thereafter that I went in, I looked to see if it was still there.
I wasn't surprised to see it still there - for weeks, actually - because: A. It's an XS (which makes it all the more surprising that it fits ME - and yet, it does).
 B. It's rather unusual - and colorful, and there may not be a whole lot of other women out there who would , shall we say, "appreciate" it's uniqueness.
C. For those whom it would fit, and who appreciated it's bright colors, there may not be too many of THEM who would buy it and WEAR it.
So, when it was still there the last time I went in, I figured it couldn't hurt to ask for a discount, at least.
 I explained that it HAD been there quite awhile, and asked the clerk if she would take a little less for it. She was willing to give me one-third off the original price, which is what I would have offered - so I finally brought it home.
My reasoning was that even though I really do like it, it still isn't something that I will wear terribly often, hence my hesitation to pay their full price on the tag when I first looked at it.
But I still wanted it.
I am SO all about color lately. I like the sequin embellishments, and the embroidery resembles rick rack, for Pete's sake!
And you KNOW I love me some rick rack.
Penny likes it, too.
For right now, SHE is wearing it.


Tina Dawn said...

I absolutely love it! Great find. Love T

Penny-Rose said...

Wow, that shirt is great - I love it. The embroidery and embellishment is really amazing. I love color!!

Anusha said...

That is gorgeous! I looove bright colors and embellishment -- might be Asian thing, lol!