Saturday, January 12, 2013

Black Africa Cook Book

I recently acquired another book for my collection of cookbooks published by Determined Productions, Inc. of San Francisco back in the 1970's.
Black Africa Cook Book, with recipes by Monica Bayley and illustrations by Alain Le Foll. I am very close to having all of the books in this series now!
(Which, as you know, is what I strive for. Giggles.)
The illustrations are fantastic.
And the recipes sound wonderful:
From inside the book: "Not American soul food, this is authentic tropical African cooking. Monica Bayley and fellow gourmets the Le Folls (Alain's drawings spice up the book) took a cook's tour across the middle of the continent, starting in Ethiopia and on through Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana and Senegal. This book is the delicious result of their busy forks and pens. Ingredients have been Americanized and all recipes carefully tested so that all the flavors and tastes of black Africa cooking pots, ovens and kitchens are here to enjoy."
 I'll have to try to attempt some of these recipes, and I promise I will let you know how it goes, if I do!


Tina Dawn said...

That chicken sounds really good. Love T

Jim J;O) said...

Yassa Au Poulet sounds delicious. It also sounds African-French. What a treasure you have in this cookbook (series of cookbooks?), Heidi. Yes, the illustrations are fantastic. You’re diverse interests are fantastic also. GC Girls’ blog is such a pleasure. Thank You, Jim/Camino :0)