Thursday, January 10, 2013

More Rick, More Rack

I purchased a fairly good-sized lot of rick rack recently in an antiques shop. It was 50 percent off, and seemed like a good deal to me. The tag said "30 +", and when I got them home and counted them, there were 50! So, at an average price of less than what the older ones cost when purchased new, I was happy with the deal. Many of them are new, as you can see in the picture below, but there were old ones in there, too.
I love all the colors, and I was very happy to see some older ones that I didn't have in my collection. Like sweet little Prudence, below:
I didn't have any "Tidy Trim", either, nor the lovely "Cameo" that is shown at the top of this post.
I like Wright's:
I like all of them, actually - it's just that the older ones are my favorites.
I was happy to see four different ones from Penney's - I'm a big J.C. Penney fan - always have been:
I have done other posts about rick rack, but the pictures in this post are all from my new "stash"!
Colorful, quirky, ziggy zaggy, ricky racky Rick Rack!
 Don't you just love it?


Karen Mary Butterfly said...

How fun! Love the packaging! Will you use it or save it as decoration? Maybe a little of both? :)

Suki said...

I am so envious! I love ric-rac, especially old ric-rac!

Tina Dawn said...

Love ric-rac. So colorful. Love T

Jennifer D said...

Score! I love ric rac.

Candice said...

I always loved rick rack and my mother used it frequently in sewing for three daughters. I even have a cat with a rick rack tail. Lily was born with a 6-inch tail in which the bone zigs and zags 3 times. The end of the tail has a sharp bony tip.

Andy's Attic said...

I don't even sew but I love the old rick rack. You really found some gems....the graphics are great!

tammyCA said...

Vintage cotton rick rack is the best. I can't stand sewing with the new polyester stuff...why they can't just keep making it cotton, I don't know. The only new cotton I've seen was expensive at a quilt store & in only a few colors. Having said that I also don't want to use any of my vintage and just keep it in the package! I need to come across a big stash someday.

Phyl D. said...

That rick rack looks so sweet - especially for 8 cents a pack!