Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ready To Go With Vera Bradley

When I returned my large duffel bag and clutch wallet at the Vera Bradley store earlier this month, I had decided to use my credit online to get the Grand Traveler instead. The online shop had a special sale going on at the time. I really love this "Rhythm and Blues" color, so that is what I chose - to go with the bag I already had. With my green crocheted sweater from a consignment store, and a teal shirt from a thrift shop, I am ready to travel in style!
I even added a pretty "thrifted" flower pin:
Now, instead of two separate bags plus a separate bag for my mini laptop, I can fit everything into this large bag.
It IS pretty heavy, though.


Tina Dawn said...


Jim J;O) said...

Pretty, Heidi. Love the sweater. You should have included a picture of your mini laptop. I would like one of those. Mini laptop, I mean. Although the sweater does go with my eyes. Jim J;0)

By the way, I'm no longer having cursor problems while commenting. That's good. Cursing in a comment is very rude. :-D