Friday, January 11, 2013

The Last Hurrah - My Ultimate Chocolate Cream Pie

What do I mean by "The Last Hurrah", you might ask? Well.....
all I can say is that this had better truly be the last thing I bake for a while.
Because the holidays ARE over, and yet I simply wasn't done with the sweets-fest.
No, it wasn't enough for me that I have been gaining instead of losing here lately on Weight Watchers, with all of the "treats" I have allowed myself!
 Geez, you'd think I would know better by now, right?
Then again, I had ONE Pillsbury Pie Crust left in the fridge, so I really HAD to make SOME kind of a pie with it.
 Didn't I? You know - to use it up?
I had been wanting to make a dreamy and decadent Chocolate Cream Pie for a very long time.
So I finally just went ahead and did it.

I baked the pie shell and then I coated the bottom of it with some melted Baker's German's Sweet Chocolate to sort of "line" the bottom of the pie crust. Then I made the Chocolate Pudding recipe from the Baker's Chocolate recipe book below. It's the pudding Mother used to make sometimes when we were kids. And I did indeed use Baker's Unsweetened Chocolate squares in the pudding.
But then, I also whipped up a pint of cream to slather all over the top of it and added some more Baker's German's Sweet Chocolate, this time in the form of curls:
Here is the pudding recipe from the book:
Oh, my gosh - it is so over-the-top, off-the-charts wonderful and decadent, I can't even stand it.
And I'll keep you posted on this whole "weight-loss" thing, alrighty? Seriously.


Tina Dawn said...

Wow. I remember having that wonderful pudding that Mother made. So nice and warm and a little bit of skin on top. So I can imagine how great your pie was. Good luck on WW! Love T

Jill said...

I want a piece of that pie!!

Jim J;O) said...

“I sure did enjoy that chocolate cream pie, dear Heidi.”
“Oh, so did I. I outdid myself.”
“You sure did, hon. I think we deserve another hunk in celebration of your culinary talents.”
“Heidi dear, two slices are left.”
“Going to waste. I think I’m going to cry.”
“And when you think of those starving children in China!...”
“Let’s scarf it up like the generous-hearted souls we are, hubby love!”
“Yeah baby!”
“Who licks the platter, Heidi?”

And, lovingly like the boy and girl, two straws and one coke....”

“Lick, lick, lick, lick, lick, lick..........”...fade out........

farmlady said...

Seriously... did you say Weight Watchers and Chocolate Creme pie in the same blog post?
Get a grip, girl!
...and when you drive through Jackson, (and come to your senses), you can drop that pie off at my place.

yosemite faith said...

we always have chocolate cream pie from the grand traverse pie company at christmas - when its good it doesn't get better. yours looks great too.