Thursday, January 3, 2013

Horses For The Other Heidi

My good friend Heidi is a horse lover. She still works at the post office (and so does her husband!) as a rural mail carrier. We don't get to see each other terribly often, but we still exchange gifts at Christmas and on our birthdays.
I take a special delight in finding just the right things for her, and I nearly always have great luck with that. We only just managed to get together yesterday, finally, to exchange our Christmas presents. I took all of the stuff you see below, purchased inexpensively at thrift stores:
The only "new" thing was the white fabric you see above, purchased at JoAnn's. I don't mind her knowing that the components which made up her gift were from thrift shops- she knows that's where I shop - and I find her GREAT things. Even the pattern was a "thrifted" item:
A corduroy shirt was transformed into the back side of her gift:
I made her this pillow! All by myself:
You may or may not recall that two years ago, with Lori's help, I made a pillow.  ( See my post from January 4th, 2011.) I was ONLY able to do it with A LOT of help from her, mind you.
So, you will please forgive me for feeling immense pride that I was able to create this horse pillow on my own for my dear friend! And, since I LOVE to make my presents look as beautiful when they are presented to the recipient, I wrapped it up prettily, as well:
The first place ribbon was in the delightful box of goodies sent to me when I won the giveaway from Shara over at Monkeybox, and it was SO perfect to adorn Heidi's gift.
Heidi LOVED her pillow and her other gifts, and it makes me so happy I could just burst.
She even posted about it on her Facebook page.
The End.


Lorlore said...

Such a cute pillow!!!! Great job!!

Tina Dawn said...

So proud of you, what a wonderful gift. Love it! Love T

Vintage Coconut said...

Okay seriously! That is one of the cutest handmade gifts I have ever seen. And it has more character than most cushions you buy in the store. Plus the fabric is WAY CUTE!

Jim J;O) said...

I love people who love to please people. I love Heidi Ann. That be the truth. Jim/Camino

yosemite faith said...

she had pictures of your wonderful gift on Facebook! she loves it so - you did a fantastic job