Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Vintage Suitcase Earns It's Stripes

I found this small vintage suitcase or overnight case at a thrift store:

I have a couple of these old cases, but I'd never seen one with stripes before. I like the angled pocket on the front, too.
Unfortunately, the lining inside was torn, as you can see in the photo below - but the price was right and I really liked it, so home with me it traveled:
I found these striped strips of fabric the same day at another thrift:
(Striped strips, striped strips, striped strips - try to say that real fast five times!)
I like the contrast of the different stripes, with enough of the same hues to coordinate nicely. And the bonus was that I didn't have to go shop at a fabric store to try and find something that went with it.
 So, I decided I would try to make the fabric strip remnants into a lining to replace the torn vinyl inside the top of the case.
I sewed three strips together,  hemmed the unfinished edges, tucked it inside and glued it down.  I made sure not to cover over the original little "Youth Park" label inside because I wanted to keep that!
You can see the new striped lining that is now inside when you unzip the pocket on the front of the little suitcase:
And that, my friends, is how the vintage suitcase earned it's stripes!


Tina Dawn said...

See, you CAN sew! Looks great. Love T

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