Saturday, February 1, 2014

Finds That Are Colorful, Useful, Or Maybe Both

This gorgeous tile trivet went right to use next to our microwave as soon as I brought it home. I love it:
I also found a nice little stash of vintage Tupperware measuring cups:
I cannot resist wooden game puzzle pieces! (I showed you some of these - that I was playing with - in a couple of previous posts click HERE and HERE). There's just something about colorful wooden stuff that I find irresistible, somehow:
So - I know this metal thing, below, is a vintage stand for something. A warmer stand that would have held canned heat or a candle there in the holder at the bottom, right? But what? A glass coffee carafe? A fondue pot?
Does anybody out there recognize it? I would love to know what it came with, originally, if you have any ideas!


Tina Dawn said...

Great finds all. Your guesses for the last about the same as mine. Love T

Anonymous said...

It looks like something that would hold a plant.