Saturday, February 15, 2014

Time For A Great Find

This vintage magazine advertisement for General Electric clocks is from a 1953 Better Homes And Gardens magazine:

The clock in the ad looks pretty similar to my yellow one I found at a thrift store, so I imagine it is from the same year, or very close:
It has a couple of little chips on it, but I love it.
I would like to use it in my kitchen, but it would need to sit on a little shelf, so that it could be plugged into the outlet that is up on the wall above our stove. In the 1940's, they put that outlet into the wall up high so that you could hang a clock up there. We have a teapot clock hanging up there right now, but I love this vintage electric one - and it runs great!
Oh - and I paid less than $4.95 for it!

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Tina Dawn said...

I love old clocks,I have several china ones and the old one like we used to have that is like a potbelly stove. Love T