Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I Am SO There!

Cold nights outside this winter?
Well, let's curl up and get cozy by the fireside shown here in this vintage Kentile flooring advertisement from 1964:
Bright orange sofas flanking the fireplace, complete with a built in wood box, a huge pink coffee table, and a nice shaggy rug.
I might want to change out the accessories to put my own stamp on it, but I am loving the hot colors of the furnishings.
Add a cup of hot chocolate or something stronger like a hot apple cider with some cinnamon schnapps in it, and I'm THERE.
Wanna join me?


Tina Dawn said...

I'm on my way! Love T

Tina Dawn said...
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Diane said...

LOVE it!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Oh yes, Heidi! I love it! It's snowing here today and won't be above freezing until next Tuesday! Twyla

LBP said...

Heck Yeah! I would love to join you. I will be wearing my patchwork Maxi dress with my clogs! Groovy!