Saturday, February 8, 2014

Patterns From The Past: Simplicity 5210 - I Found The Jumper!

 Normally, I would have waited until Monday to do this latest post in my "Patterns" series - but today is Lori's birthday, so I felt the need to do this one a couple of days early!
 I told you I was on the hunt for one of the patterns Lori and the other girls in the Songleader group used back when we were in high school. I was pretty excited when I found this one the very next day!
So, here it is from one of my "Simplicity Fashion News"  booklets:
Here's a picture of the pattern - isn't it cute?
And here are the pictures from our high school yearbook of Lori and the gals wearing their jumpers back in 1973; she's the one on the far left:
Lori, second from the right, looking surprised:
And, one more time....
All together now:
We love you!


lorlore said...

Oh my!!! A much younger me!!! LOL!!

Ellie Rae said...
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Tina Dawn said...

Look at that pretty long hair! I remember how cute you looked in your songleader outfits! Happy birthday sis! Love T

JimJ said...

You're adorable Lori. A belated happy birthday to you. Hey, isn't 1973 the last year the old high school was in operation.

Jim in Cedar Grove

lorlore said...

Yes Jim, I was the last graduating class of 73, before they tore it down in, I believe 74.