Tuesday, February 18, 2014

(Mostly Vintage) Vera Finds

I wanted to share some more Vera Neumann lovelies with you today.
First up, my most recent find is this pretty "thrifted " scarf:
I found a bright new kitchen towel at TJ Maxx:
I also found a set of vintage cloth napkins. Unfortunately, they're faded and they also have some stains that the wonderful ladies at the thrift store managed to hide by folding them up so that you couldn't see them, and then packaging them for sale in such a way that you were not allowed to check them out first.
(Isn't that nice? Aarrgghhh.)
I still like them, though, and I will try to get the stains out....
I found a large butterfly tablecloth with ball fringe, too:
See her little "Vera" signature there?
"More to come", she added, hopefully, "as I am always on the hunt for vintage Vera."


Tina Dawn said...

Great finds as always. Love T

Annette said...

Ah, yes, I found some at TJ Maxx, too. I like the ones you found that the ladies "hid" the stains. That always makes me a little (hugely) irritated!!

Jill said...

I am always on the hunt for vintage Vera too - but I haven't found anything in weeks.... the tablecloth is a nice find!!!