Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My Dear Shirley: I Cannot Say Goodbye

"Have you heard...
Have you heard.....?"
Not a good way to begin the day.
I cried when I heard the news this morning that Shirley Temple Black has passed away.
You cannot possibly even know how much I loved her.
She was my FAVORITE.
 For my entire life.
When I was a teenager, I had a poster of her hanging in my bedroom.
I am a middle-aged woman who can still listen to her sing all day and not get tired of it.
I own every single one of the movies she starred in as a child.
 I am crying again as I write this, and it's kind of hard to type with tears in your eyes.
I can't say goodbye, the stubborn little girl that still lives inside of me simply will NOT do it.
Because she will always live on in my heart.


Tina Dawn said...

It is very hard to find words to say how much Shirley was loved in our household when we were young. We watched her movies constantly. Somehow her little self got mixed up in my head with our mom when she was little,so it always seemed to me that our mom was there too playing with her. Now they can play in heaven. When hubby and I first got a VCR in about 1981 we taped every single Shirley Temple movie that was on TV at the time. I still have them. Of course I have them all on DVD now, but I haven't ever gotten rid of the VCR tapes. She grew up to be an admirable woman, and she will be missed. Love T

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I was very saddened this morning to hear this sad news. Twyla

Annette said...

She really was a remarkable little girl and grown woman. She will be missed!

JimJ said...

Yes, hurts so bad to lose Shirley Temple. As we all, I loved her as a small child. We watched her movies in grammar school. Quite often, with an a noisy 16 mm projector. Entranced! Then we got a TV, and there she was, right in our living room's 14 inch screen. She lived in Atherton with her husband when I was a kid. I used to ride my bike around Atherton hoping to see her. Never did. How special she has remained throughout my life. ::tears::