Monday, February 3, 2014

Patterns From The Past: Simplicity 9726 & 9714, Two Dresses

Today, we have two more cute dresses from the 70's - 1971, to be exact.
As usual, there is one model here that I don't know. The one in the center is the always lovely Colleen Corby, and I'm pretty sure that's Shelley Hack on the right.
The photo is from one of my vintage "Simplicity Fashion News" booklets.
I believe the first pattern (9726) was one that our high school songleaders used to make one of their outfits. The little red number on the pattern front below - they made it in a blue and white dotted swiss, I think. And then they always had little short matching "bloomers", or whatever you want to call them, underneath.
I looked in our high school yearbooks, and of course they did not get photos of the girls wearing each outfit they had.
 Only one made it in each year. I don't remember how many they had?  At least two, I think. (Lori - help me out, here, please)
Lori was a songleader for two years. She didn't save her outfits! If she had, I could dress Penny up in them and show you.
Instead, if I can find a couple more of the original patterns they used, there WERE a couple that made it into the yearbooks, and then I can do a scan, and I'll show you those, too.
Wish me luck!
The pattern in the middle, the one Miss Corby is wearing (9714) is cute, as well:
You could make it with or without the ruffle at the bottom, gather the sleeves or not, and add a little rosette at the neckline.
With that, I leave you until next time (I'm trying to make this  a weekly feature), when I will once again revisit our past with some of my favorite patterns - and models.


Tina Dawn said...

All of Lori's songleader outfits were darling! I am so sorry she didn't keep them. Took her longer to inherit the packrat gene than I did. Love T

lorlore said...

Well, after that many years and 2 children they were never going to fit again so you know.... but they were cute and I made most myself. Yes Heidi you are correct on the first pattern, must have been my jr. year and I remember the other, will look in yearbook. We had one for Football season and another for Basketball. What memories from back then.....

farmlady said...

Takes you back doesn't it. Mini skirts and dresses... wild fabric. Fun stuff.
Were we ever that young?

Helen Wong said...

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LBP said...

Dresses from my teens! Gotta love 'em! (or not) BTW, the model on the last pattern is Karen Bruun! She was in lots of the Sears and JC Penney catalogs.

Heidi Ann said...

Thank you, LBP! Another name to add to my list!

Ellie Rae said...

I can't believe we wore them so short, but we did! You can google Colleen Corby and there is a whole web site dedicated to her, with all her photos on it. Sweet.

Anonymous said...

The model on the left is Randi Oakes. Holly