Saturday, November 7, 2015

An Ad For Francie And A Barbie Book

A month or so ago,  I was really delighted to find a vintage (1966) copy of  "The Golden Magazine" with this great advertisement inside for Mattel's Francie doll:
I do not have a Francie, but I'd love to find one some day.
I think she's adorable!
I have a small collection of books about Barbie, but I'd never seen this one - "Barbie Dolls" by Janine Fennick:
I found the book at the same thrift store, too - on the same day.
It's a great little volume.
 But then, if you have pictures of vintage Barbies and their friends and their clothes and their accessories, I'm IN.
No need to coax me.
I love it all.
Later that very same day, I found one other thing that belongs in this same category - but this will have to be a teaser, because it deserves a post all it's own.
(Coming just as soon as I can get decent photos..... I promise.)


Tina Dawn said...

Great finds. I was a bit too old for a Francie when she came out, so missed out on her. She was very cute! Love the book. Love T

Diane said...

Very neat! My sister had a Francie doll. I think it was Malibu Francie.