Friday, November 20, 2015

Let's Make That 28.......

I found three more vintage Peter Pauper Press Books the other day at one of my local thrift stores.
So, even though I only just wrote about this collection on the 13th of this month, I now need to update my total of these great little tomes to 28!
I am always so happy when I find another, and even more so when the dust jacket is still intact - but three?
 All sitting there on the book shelf at the thrift store waiting to become part of my collection.
"The Little Limerick Book" from 1955:
 One of the limericks from inside:
 This one - with a Halloween type of cover!
"Comic Epitaphs From The Very Best Old Graveyards".
I have never even seen it before; it's from 1957:
 And an epitaph from inside of that one:
 This one, another copy of "The Little Limerick Book", also 1955:
 Same book, different color on the cover and dust jacket - fine by me.
And one more limerick for you:
It's a good thing these books are small, because books are a definite weakness of mine - but I do still have some room on top of the little bookshelf where this collection resides.
I'm just sayin'.........

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Tina Dawn said...

Two more limerick books! I also think the epitaph book sounds interesting! Glad you have room for more. Love T