Friday, November 6, 2015

One Super-Groovy Find

It's always kind of cool when you spot something really unusual at a thrift store.
This lovely lady caught my eye:
This is a large vinyl case with metal closures and a nice heavy chain carrying handle.
You KNOW it's vintage, because nobody makes things this nicely anymore!
My guess is late 1960's.
It's a Viviane Woodard Cosmetics Case, and I'm thinking it was either a case for a saleswoman to carry samples in, or it was some sort of a promotional item.
I can't be certain, because I couldn't find any information about it.
I only know that it is super cool:
And super-groovy.


Tina Dawn said...

Yes, I agree, super groovy! Love the colors. Love T

Diane said...

That really is super cool! What a find! And isn't it sad that we can tell the age of something by the quality?