Saturday, November 14, 2015

Little Projects

I have taken some photos of an assortment of little projects I've been working on.
I had this gorgeous crewel stitchery packed away and I had forgotten all about it.
I love it and I was happy to rediscover it!
I just happened to have the correct size of embroidery hoop on hand to frame it with.
I like how it turned out:
And that gave me the idea to frame this smaller one, too:
This piece of vintage sheet music, below, is one of my all-time favorites. I love the artwork on the cover, the colors - and the flowers on her dress remind me of my vintage Ransburg canisters.
I seldom frame the original, so I had a color copy made - and then, luckily, it fit perfectly into this blue frame I found at a thrift store.
I was going to sell it, but I like the way it looks so much, I'm not sure I want to part with it:
This cute little Mary Engelbreit teapot lamp was found at a thrift store. The light bulb socket had some issues and I thought I might have to replace it altogether.
 But I managed to fix it up (at no cost), instead.
The next challenge was finding a lampshade the right size.
Harder than you might think, especially since only a used or vintage one from a thrift store would suit me.
 Plus, it had to be pretty small - not easy.
 I finally found one, but the color wasn't right so I needed to cover it, somehow.
 Oh - and it was actually too short, as well:
I was going to cover it with polka-dot ribbon and black ball fringe:
I had already cut the ribbon into lengths:
But I decided that might be a bit much, and then I found another shade I liked better, and changed my mind!
 It absolutely needed the trim to add a bit of length to the shade.
So this is how it wound up looking, in the end:
( I already had the matching clock when I found the lamp base.)
Honestly, I know it still isn't long enough! It needs to hide more of the socket. But this was the best I could do.
I admit - not all of my projects turn out as well as I'd like!
Next, we have this vintage Samsonite Beauty Case that belonged to my mother-in-law:
The bottom of it was a little bit stained, and it didn't look so nice.
So I cut a piece of  pretty vintage floral fabric to fit and glued it down into the bottom:
Now it looks nice again!
I even have the box it originally came in, which tells me on the side that the color name was "Pink Orchid"
I like that:
I bought this large frame at a thrift store on half-price day.
The print inside was kind of cute, but it's not my style.
(Except for the cat - I love that cat.)
The frame was just the right size for this original painting which was also a thrift find.
 (I've shown you this before; I'm just sharing it again to show you what the "project" was).
 I only needed to give it a coat of white paint, which, to me, looked better surrounding this painting than the natural wood:
Last of all, I finally found one of these folding boards for cutting out fabric at a thrift store (cheap), but the blue paper tape along the edges was falling off:
So I just got some cute floral washi tape and put it on instead:
Easy peasy, and it works for me - all I wanted to do was cover up the ugly edges.
Just some little projects that have been keeping me busy.


lorlore said...

Keep those cute little projects comin' and keep up the good work!!!!!

Diane said...

Great results on all!!

Rhonda said...

Wow very inspiring! Love the ME lamp and lampshade - cute!

Tina Dawn said...

Your lamp turned out really cute, and I love the Samsonite! Love T