Sunday, November 8, 2015

My Turkey(s)

One afternoon a couple of weeks ago, I spent some time coloring this turkey.
It's from my "Fat Cat's Cookbook" (written by Karen Whyte and illustrated by Donna Sloan) that I showed you back in this post.
I had a million other things I should have been doing.
But they didn't get done that day.
Here's how the turkey page looked before I started:
 I think I'm going to try doing another one in crazy colors that make no sense for a turkey - simply because I can.
And, just for fun, since I'm on the subject - here's a picture of my turkey and autumn-themed pins.
I believe I have every color that Hallmark made of the vintage turkey pins.
(And, as you can see, I do have two of the same color.)
I've always liked those little turkeys!
I like the others, too - they are a nice little assortment.
That's it for today - just me and my turkeys!


Rhonda said...

Fun post! Great turkey pin collection! Have fun coloring!

Tina Dawn said...

I really like the oak leaf and acorn pins. Your turkey turned out great! I think the many colored one will be super! Love T

Diane said...

Very nice. Cute pins too. I remember buying my grandmother a cutesy bunny Hallmark pin way back in the 70s.

Jill said...

Colouring is so fun!!

Rosie said...

I love the fact that you colored this turkey when you had "a million other things" to do AND that you are planning to color a more crazy one simply because you can. You are my kinda girl! ;)