Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Christmas Finds

Today's finds are all Christmas items. I'll start with these three vintage stockings, below.
The two on the right are older, and still have their original "Made In Japan" labels on the back:
Here's a little assortment - some ornaments, a canister, a snowman candle, and a couple of blue-eyed Santas:
Isn't this one a cutie!
A vintage box of red transparent Shiny Brite ornaments.
I've never found one before that says "K & W Glass Works" on the box - that's unusual:
This is such a lovely cross-stitched piece!
"I'll Be Home For Christmas":
A copy of "Home" Magazine from the Los Angeles Times:
Vintage paper coasters:
And a few nice, unused Christmas cards:
I've found other things, too, but I took them into the shop so quickly that I forgot to take photos!


Tina Dawn said...

Nice finds. I see the Home magazine tells how to "wrap a package with personality" but I know you don't need any help with that, your packages always have personality and then some! LoveT

Jill said...

Sweet finds!! There are various things there that I would have picked up too!!

Diane said...

Vintage Xmas is so fun!