Thursday, November 5, 2015

Do You Have Salmon In A Can?

I found this vintage cookbook at a thrift store, and I was intrigued - "Magic Entrees With Canned Salmon":
I mean, who doesn't want a taste of a Magic Entree?
The one on the cover is Festival Salmon Supreme:
Or perhaps you's prefer to try Planked Salmon Savannah, hmmmm?
There's always "North Coast Salmon Bake"....
Here is a pictorial description of the three sizes of canned salmon available when the cookbook was printed:
We just happened to have some cans of salmon in the pantry:
Those cans were there because, for years, my husband has wanted me to make "Salmon Patties" from a recipe given to him by the wife of his best friend, with whom he worked on the Sierra Railroad.
His friend would come to work sometimes with salmon patties in his lunch, and my husband always thought they looked so good!
I'm not even sure why I never made them - I knew exactly where the hand-written recipe was.
He had seen the cans of salmon at the store, and he got some because he was still hoping I would finally make some.
More on that in a sec, but first,  just for fun, here are a few vintage labels that I got in a "lot" I purchased years ago on eBay.
First up, we have Creamed Salmon and Peas.
You know, I actually detest canned peas, but I honestly think I might have liked that stuff served over toast, as shown in the picture below.
Call me crazy - but it looks good to me:
Fancy salmon steak, two brand labels from the Columbia River:
The one recipe in my cookbook that sounded the very best to me was this one, below, for "Salmonburgers":
So I decided to try and make some, combining and adapting the recipe above from the cookbook with the recipe from our friends.
Here they are sizzling in the pan:
We liked them so well that the next time we went to the store we bought more canned salmon and salmon-in-a-pouch to have on hand so that I could make them again.
We didn't eat them as burgers.
He ate his with tartar sauce, and I just had fresh lemon juice on mine.
They were GOOD.
I will leave you with one more colorful illustration from the vintage cookbook  - a buffet spread with canapes.....
And if you are wondering who put out that cookbook back in 1937?
Why, it was none other than the Canned Salmon Industry in Seattle, Washington.


Tina Dawn said...

Oh no, you made me so hungry. I always used to love what I remember as salmon loaf. Nowadays, I eat salmon often, usually just broiled with a touch of seasoned salt and pepper, and maybe a little squirt of sesame oil. But I would try any of those recipes. Thanks a lot, now I have to go find some cereal and eat something! Love T

Sew Inspired said...

I just love old recipe books. We get them whenever we see them. Salmon patties is something I tried once and it wasn't that great, but yours look awesome. Most of the canned Salmon we get takes a while to go through and remove the bones so now I purchase frozen. I may try again, but do you think you give a few more details on the recipe you used?

Leanne said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed your salmon patties! I worked in commercial fishing in Alaska for about 15 years and it's great to see people eat one of the best for you wild fish.