Monday, November 23, 2015

Time For The Sagittarius Calendar

It's November 23rd, and time to turn over a new calendar page on my old calendar!
I love this one!
And, as always, I had to find colorful things to clip on up above it:
Close-up on the array of items I chose this time:
And the calendar itself:
From my vintage 1970 Zodiac calendar, printed by Determined Productions, with artwork by the talented team of Bruce and Ann Butte, and mine, all mine for the past 45 years.
Have I already told you that I LOVE it?
Oh, yes, I believe that I have.


Anonymous said...

I love this calendar. Thanks for sharing it.

Anonymous said...

Love the calendar! I was actually born Dec. 6, 1970, so that' pretty neat to see a calendar page from that exact month. Thanks for posting. :)

Tina Dawn said...

Very nice page, and I like all the stuff you hung with it. Love T

Rhonda said...

It's amazing that you kept your calendar! I'm sure I wasn't so smart about my treasures from my youth. Love all your calendar displays but partial to this one as I'm a Sagittarius girl!

Diane said...

I think we LOVE it too!!