Saturday, May 21, 2016

Blueberry Muffins

I was looking through some books that were for sale at the shop a couple of weeks ago,
 and one of the things I came across that looked good to me were these blueberry muffins:
 So I snapped a picture of the photo in the cookbook (I'm sorry, I don't remember which one it was!),
and also a picture of the recipe, here:
 I knew I had just about exactly a cup of blueberries left in the refrigerator at home.
 Usually I have them for breakfast with Greek yogurt, but I thought "Boy, those muffins sound good!".
So, within the next day or so, I decided to make some.
 I have about a zillion cookbooks, so there are a lot of recipes to choose from, and of course you can search the web, as well.
But, in the end, I pulled out my tried and true vintage "Betty Crocker's Cookbook", published in 1969, and looked inside of it for a recipe.
Oh, yes - of course, here it is, precisely what I was looking for.
Right there on page 47.
Betty won't steer you wrong, you see!
That's why I have at least 30 different Betty Crocker cookbooks, most of them vintage. (I've written about them before.)

I made the Sweet Muffins, the Blueberry version seen below; using my cup of blueberries.
 I don't often make muffins; I had sort of forgotten how quick and easy they really are.
I sprinkled a little turbinado sugar over the tops.
Were they good?
You bet your sweet Betty Crocker butt they were.

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Tina Dawn said...

Oh they look just wonderful. I don't have any blueberries, but I'd better get some, Betty Crocker, here I come. Love T