Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Wildflowers I Know and Love: Snow Plant Revisited 2016

Good morning. Tina here.

Quite a while back, January 2011, in fact, I showed you a favorite of mine, Snowplant.

I have gathered quite a few photos together since then, so I thought I should share them. Most of the photos come from the Lake Tahoe area.

Incredibly lucky folks up there might find them popping up in their backyards!

I find it so amazing that Mother Nature chose that color for the "flower".

Almost florescent, a hot pants kind of color.

This hue sure does get them noticed!

If you are out hiking in the Desolation or Mokelumne Wilderness, they stick out like a sore thumb!

And if you are in your friends backyard, you wonder how they got so lucky!

Years ago they had an old tree rot and become part of the soil, and this almost prehistoric beauty took hold.

You can tell how special they are from the amount of photographers eager to share their photos!

My friend Lucy took the photo below, with a forget-me-knot trying to share the spotlight.

This is a prime time to go searching for a spot of color, if you get up into the high Sierras.


Heidi Ann said...

I love seeing the pictures! You know I love color, so their bright hue brings a smile to my face! I would be tickled to come across one if i was out hiking or something like that.
(Yeah, like I do that all the time....)

Diane said...

Interesting! Not found in the Midwest for sure.

The Brittons said...

Wow these are amazing! Sweet sisters, I was looking for you on instagram. There is no one by your name. Just saying, if you wanted to get an account that your name isn't taken! Much love!