Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Tree Of Life: Or Cinco De Mayo, My Way

For Cinco De Mayo today, I've chosen to celebrate life in general by sharing with you some of these wondrous and colorful beauties.
 Yes, I have written about them before (back in 2010), but this is just how I roll, so here we are again.
I wish I could afford to purchase one of these gorgeous ceramic creations.
The first one you see here is available on Etsy , (click here to go to this listing - it isn't mine, it's from the MidModMomStore).
I just happen to love it:
Perhaps if I started with a smaller version?
Like this one listed on eBay:
Feast your eyes on this beauty - it's available on eBay , as well::
And here is yet another image I found:
Next, we have three that have recently been sold - an aqua example with five little birds:
 A different shade of blue - and we have just four birds this time:
 And one with more orange, along with teal green and aqua, and the cutest little bird all by his lonesome:
 I can surely understand why the bidders chose to vie for them; they're gorgeous.
I even found this book about "Crafts Of Mexico" by Marian Harvey at a thrift store that showcases them on the cover. 
It actually has instructions on how to make one, though that isn't something I will be attempting.
I am simply enthralled by the colorful beauty of them all!
Happy Cinco De Mayo to you - and may you celebrate it in whatever way suits your fancy.


Tina Dawn said...

Wow, what a lot of work goes into those! I love that they can be any color combination the artist decides to use. Great way to celebrate, I usually just go for fish tacos! Love T

Mid Mod Mom said...

Thank you for the link love! These are whimsical and oh, so colorful! Thanks for sharing.