Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A Few Favorite Thrift Shop Finds

I have already shown you my vintage Counterpoint magnetic boards (back in this post)
but I recently found the five magnets nearer the bottom to add to my others.
 Little anthropomorphic vegetables and fruit, and two more butterflies! 
This beautiful vintage bedspread didn't even appear to have been used.
 It sold almost instantly - no big surprise!
When I was trying to take pictures of it, Cleo discovered that she rather liked it, too:

 I found another of these great flower power vintage trays that I love, and a nice set of vintage mugs - you can tell I like orange, right?
The mugs sold right away at the shop, and I was happy to meet the lovely Finnish woman who purchased them.
 She likes color as much as I do - and that made me happy:
 I found this fabulous paisley rug AND a larger one; they're so big I think I'll have to go to a Laundromat to wash them - not exactly looking forward to that.....
 I picked up this painting, below - couldn't resist it's colorful charms:
I found a pretty blue and white Daher tin, made in England:

I couldn't leave this painted plaster plaque behind, with it's pretty yellow and orange flowers:
 And I found another great vintage Joseph Magnin department store gift box. This one is huge.
I love these old boxes with their fabulous artwork (did you see my post about them last year?).
 I very rarely see them, so I'm pretty tickled when I find one:
And last of all, I picked up this bathroom sign with it's not-so-gentle reminder because I got a kick out of it:
More thrift finds coming your way soon - as always!


Tina Dawn said...

What fun finds. Love the bedspread and paisley rug! I also love all the color! Color makes the our homes special places to enjoy. Love T

Diane said...

What great finds! LOVE the box-- very rare! Love your magnet board too! The cool, retro type stuff seems to have dried up by me so thanks for sharing!

lorlore said...

I love all these finds, keep 'em comin'!!!!!!!

Jessy Jessy said...

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