Monday, May 9, 2016

What's Penny Wearing? #137 Another Vintage Skirt From Gunne Sax

Penny is in an old-fashioned mood today:
I found a pretty vintage Gunne Sax brand skirt at a thrift store.
I just love these old-fashioned skirts with the lace-up detailing at the waist:
Nice red calico floral, with a bit of green velvet, and a sweet ruffle at the bottom:
I paired it with a nice white cotton blouse I have had since the 1970's; it has lots of lace and pretty details:
Or you could always wear it with a sleeveless top (though this one seems to have disappeared into the top of the dress form with the bright sun shining on it!)
It's not too often that I find vintage Gunne Sax items at the thrift shops, especially at a reasonable price.


Tina Dawn said...

What a great skirt! I love the fabric, it is very pretty. I still have my Gunne Sax dress from the 70s, I think I will always keep it, whether it fits or not! Love T

Tami Von Zalez said...

I never find that kind of stuff. I'm not sure if retro Gunne Sax are still bringing in the big bucks in the Japanese market.