Sunday, May 1, 2016

Welcoming May With A Page From A New (Old) Book

I found a (new to me) vintage book a couple of weeks ago, and I've decided that I will share each month's page (or pages) with you, similar to my "Mr. Jolly's Sidewalk Market" and Zodiac calendar monthly series of posts I've shared in the past.
We'll begin today with May and continue through April of next year.
Without further ado, "May" I present:
 Happy children dancing around the Maypole....

From "The Year Around Book", published in 1965 by McGraw-Hill, Inc., written by Helen Jill Fletcher and featuring the wonderful and colorful artwork of illustrator Jerry Pinkney.
I found it at a thrift store and it was more than I am normally willing to pay for a "thrifted" book! They had looked it up, of course , and yes - they do sell for more online than what I paid.
The illustrations "had me at hello", as the famous movie line goes, and they are precisely what convinced me to bring it home.
(Not too happy about Craig Watson's name on the cover, but what can you do? Hopefully he'd be happy to know someone else is enjoying his book all these years later.)


Diane said...

Looks great! You can really tell that 60s era artwork. Love it!

Tina Dawn said...

This is just where I spent my day yesterday, at an arbor day festival, watching adorable little girls skip around a Maypole! What a great book, can't wait to see more. Love T

Sunnyana said...

Love the art work on the book. I know of a Craig Watson here in town. If I knew him better I might ask him if he had this book.