Friday, May 6, 2016

New (Vintage) Vera Scarves I've Found Lately

My latest Vera Neumann finds are what I have to share with you today - we will begin with this lovely scarf in orange and olive green:
I truly do delight in finding these vintage Vera beauties:
 The next one is glorious in red, white and blue:
Big dots, little dots - and the iconic Vera signature:
Another scarf in golden tones:
Flowers galore!
I'll just add them to the stash.
(And keep an eye out for more - always.....)

 (Edited on  5/15/2016 to add:  One of my readers politely asked in her comment whether the last one I had originally shown in this post was a scarf, or maybe a cloth napkin. Sure enough, she was right - it wasn't a scarf at all! Thank you, Diane! I goofed! I have since removed it and added it to a different post on Vera for the table!)


Tami Von Zalez said...

I've yet to find a Vera in my scarf search. You must have a few Vera scarf fans there up country.

Diane said...

Hey, I have the same one in the last photo. Is it a scarf? Mine is a cloth napkin. I happened to show it on my blog last month. I used it for a photo challenge (fabric w/ flowers on it).

Heidi Ann said...

Diane - How embarrassing! I think it IS a napkin!!
I goofed!

Tina Dawn said...

One thing about Vera scarves, they pile up but still can fit into a small drawer! How thoughtful of her! Those are very pretty. Love T