Saturday, May 7, 2016

Some Recent (And Colorful!) Finds

I found a pair of gorgeous vintage "slag glass" vases at one of my favorite thrift stores.
I even got the flowers you see inside of them at the same shop!
I found a bank to add to my collection, in lovely shades of orange, and with plenty of vintage flower power:
A set of four pretty tulip mugs:
Playing cards, still sealed in their original wrapping and case:
And the cutest mushroom tea kettle!
Two of the brightest pot holders ever and a painted Mexican bowl, along with a nice unused tea towel from Xochi:
And I grabbed these two corning Ware saucepans pretty quickly when I spied them!
Probably my favorite of all of their patterns, Country Festival:
That's it for today!


lorlore said...

Great finds as usual!!!

Diane said...

You know I love the bank! Neat playing cards too.

Tina Dawn said...

Wow, very colorful. That mushroom tea kettle is great! Watch out thrift stores, Heidi is coming! Love T

Beth said...

Lol I just bought the exact same shape tea kettle painted green with daisy's on it. I love it.

Sunnyana said...

I love the wall paper behind the bud vases. I think you've shown it before. Lots of cool finds. My sister pointed out that the pattern on the Corningware saucepans was the first set of dishes, etc. that she purchased in the 70's. She has changed her dishes a few times since then so she probably doesn't have anything left since her apartment is so small.