Friday, June 3, 2016

Patterns From The Past: Two From Butterick, A Pinafore And a Western Outfit

Today, we have two Butterick patterns from 1975.
 Seen below in a photo from Seventeen Magazine, pattern number 3789 is the western style jacket and pants on the left, and the pinafore on the right is pattern number 3611:
 (Photo by David McCabe.)
 The pinafore in any of the dress options or the top is pretty cute, as you can see:
Here is the back of the pattern:
And the full front view of the pattern:
Here is the description that was given on the previous page:
And here is a picture of the pattern front for number 3789:
I love these old 1970's patterns!


Tina Dawn said...

I love that long pinafore! These 70's patterns are so cute. Keep them coming. Love T

Candice said...

As usual I am behind in reading your blog but had to respond today (Tuesday, June 7). Twin Alice and I made the pinafore dresses in this pattern. We referred to the sleeves as "butterfly sleeves"! Our dresses were the long version with the ruffle and mine was yellow and white gingham and Alice's was pink and white gingham. I cannot remember if I have any phtoos of us in the dresses but my Mother must have eventually given them away. She didn't save everthing, but sometimes I wish she did.

Thanks for sharing!