Thursday, June 16, 2016

Lady Edith's Hats #3: Vintage Velour

I went into a new thrift store here in town recently. It's supposed to be the "higher-end" stuff from another store.
 There was virtually nothing there.
 A nice decent-sized space - right downtown - with very little to offer, unfortunately.
(Honestly, if they wanted to hire me one day a week, I could pull things from their other store and put them in and make it really nice. I know I could.  Sigh....)
All I found that I wanted was a pretty little vintage hat for Lady Edith to model:
 I think it looks lovely on her.
 The little "flower" was missing it's original adornment, so I added a rhinestone brooch.....
 ...and I added a vintage rhinestone necklace around her neck:
 "Registered Genuine Velour":
Considering how the rest of the store looked, I felt lucky to find this one nice little vintage item.


Tina Dawn said...

I love it! You are so talented and I am sure you could present their items well and get more sales. You need to make a proposal to the owner. If you don't ask you can't get the answer you want! Love T

Gail Travis said...

Lady Edith is very pretty,