Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Loving The Colors On These Vintage Stitchery Kits And Projects

I found this gorgeous vintage Sunset Needlepoint stitchery pillow kit recently at a thrift shop.
A big, bright, beautiful "I Love You", and even a couple of ladybugs:
I love IT:
I only snapped a photo of this adorable Noah's Ark felt creation at another thrift shop.
I didn't buy it because it was a little dirty, and their price was higher than I wanted to pay. It's awfully cute, though:
This vintage needlepoint and embroidery pillow is very striking, and it looks great against my vintage (Made in India) bedspread or tablecloth:
"Be Happy" is another needlepoint kit; I found this picture online - but I'd be pretty tickled if I could find one of these at a thrift store!
 I see that both this and "I Love You" were designed by Chris Davenport.
I like your style, Chris!
Here's another colorful crewel kit which just happens to feature one of my favorite color combinations:
And check out this lady, below!
This was in a vintage Los Angeles Times Home Magazine.
How gorgeous are these creations?!
And I'll leave you with one more "I Love You" for the day. It's the same fab design, but for framing rather than a pillow:
Have a good day!!


lorlore said...

I *LOVE* all of these!!!!!

Diane said...

So cool! Right up my alley! I like that woman's mod yellow dress too!

Tina Dawn said...

Love the Noah's Ark felt piece, it is adorable. Love T