Sunday, June 5, 2016

John Held, Jr.

I love the distinctive style of the work of John Held, Jr.; he happens to be a particular favorite of mine.
I wrote a post about him back in 2009.
Here's a Life magazine cover from ninety years ago, below.
(Last week we had a LOT of commencement ceremonies around these parts; perhaps your town did, as well?)
And here is a great vintage advertisement for Tintex Tints And Dyes:
Yet another cover from Life Magazine - this one from 1927:
And the cover of a vintage piece of sheet music:
His artwork has even graced a couple of great postage stamps.
This one:
And this one:
He certainly had a very distinctive style, and it's one that that I just love.


lorlore said...

These are great!! Love the stamps!

Tina Dawn said...

Wonderful. I can tell that if he drew a woman, he had to add some underwear. Very cute. Love T