Saturday, June 11, 2016

Framed, Again - Times Four

Here I am, at it again with the framing projects.
I get color copies made of images I like, and then I find frames to put them into.
 I almost never pass up a good frame at a decent price, so normally I have quite a few from which to choose!
First up is this Peter Max one (that I LOVE); I think I got lucky finding a square frame for it, as they are harder to come by and I needed a very specific size!
This farm girl in the next one is from a copy of the "National Food Magazine" that is over one hundred years old.
I don't want to frame my originals - hence, the color copies:
(I couldn't decide whether to paint the frame.
 I can always do it later, I suppose.)
I had framed another one of these, below, a while back (I may have already shown it here on the blog) from an antique piece of sheet music with a particularly pretty Art Nouveau image on the front.
 It sold at the shop, so I thought I'd try another.
Here we have "Flower Song"...
And "Nakomis" is an antique piece of sheet music, as well.
 Luckily I had a mat that worked perfectly, since the music had damage and creases that showed up rather badly on the color copy.
I was able to cover up most of the worst part with the mat, and I like the way it turned out.
That's it for today!
(Oh, and I remembered to get my pictures first without the glass, since the glare makes it so difficult to get a good photo afterward.)


Tina Dawn said...

You are the queen of framing! You do a great job. They all look wonderful. Love T

Diane said...

Fabulous! Am partial to the Peter Max, but like all of them. If you don't mind my two cents, the farm frame might look nice with a sort of white wash effect (one light, watery coat if that makes any sense); it would match the cow that way.