Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A Vintage Ghirardelli Cookbook - And The Soda Fountains.....

I have written about Ghirardelli before ( back in this post).
I've had this cool cookbook for thirty years.
"Say Gear-ar-delly for finer chocolate".
Here is just one of the recipes from the book, for Anza Vista Chocolate Banana Bread. Don't believe I've ever tried it, but it sounds good to me!
Seen below is an assortment of Ghirardelli Chocolate products as they appeared back in the 1980's.
They have a lot more products these days, and of course the packaging has changed, too.
I found this old menu from around 1975 packed away with some of my old papers. I went to the "Chocolate Manufactory Soda Fountain And Candy Shop" in San Francisco back then, and saved my menu all these years.
Ice Cream - oh, my!
And yes, naturally the prices will have changed, as well:
Most recently though, my only experience with a Ghirardelli Soda Fountain And Chocolate Shop was when Lori and I visited the one at California Adventure at Disneyland Resort.
We went there and had dessert one evening the last time we went to Disneyland, nearly two years ago, now.
I don't think I took any pictures at the time.
Click here though, to see the Google search images - but only if you don't mind drooling a little.


Tina Dawn said...

I love going to Ghirardelli in San Francisco, getting a free sample, and salivating all over. Love T

Diane said...

That is a cool book! Love the art. Boy, labels sure have changed.