Thursday, June 9, 2016

Time For Tea Towels

I have had some good luck lately at the thrift stores finding some very nice vintage linen tea towels, with a variety of subjects.
This one is awfully pretty - pure Irish Linen from Ulster, Julia Clement's Floral Arrangements:
 London Landmarks, also made in Ireland:
 Irish Linen again here, with a forest scene featuring a buck and some squirrels:
 Gorgeous, colorful fruit, this one with the original labels front and back, made in Czechoslovakia:
 Another pretty one with a fruit bowl, and the original label on the front, too:
 I actually found this next one quite a while ago, but I'm not sure if I shared a photo or not.
It's a lovely one in aqua and brown with Pennsylvania Dutch style motifs:

And one more from Ulster, made in Ireland - I love the colors on this one, too!
Isn't that a cute one?


Tina Dawn said...

Those are great, and I always need tea towels. I love the weather vane one and the squirrels in the forest. Great finds. Love T

Diane said...

Nice variety. Like that weather house one.

jen said...

Just love the floral arrangement one ! :)