Thursday, June 23, 2016

More Vintage Finds

 Just "checking in" today with some more of my favorite thrift store finds.
First up, I have this big, beautiful crewelwork picture:
And a vintage fabric-covered expanding accordion file wallet for receipts or whatever:
A couple of great pieces of vintage dinnerware designed by Russel Wright for Steubenville:
Clearly marked, but they were just out with all of the other, less desirable china and stuff.
 Works for me!
I found a Shabby Chic-style lamp, complete with (truly) "chippy" paint, and I happened to have the lampshade already.
 I had added the fringe to this old shade quite some time ago.
I think they work perfectly together:
 I found a really nice vintage flannel-backed vinyl tablecloth (you know, back when they were heavier, and well-made?) for our largest patio table in a bright floral:
And a vintage green corduroy bedspread that I found thrown on the ground at an estate sale makes a nice-looking new sofa cover, as you can see below:
I already had all of the pillows.
And they were all thrift finds, as well!


Diane said...

Nice finds! The "couch cover" looks great. We had a couple of those flannel backed tabelcloths when I was a kid. They lasted forever!

Tina Dawn said...

Great finds. especially the dinnerware and tablecloth! Love T

Anonymous said...

How much did you pay for the russel wright? Was it dirt cheap? Always fun hearing low prices on great items. Thanks.

Heidi Ann said...

Anonymous: Yes, the Russel Wright pieces were pretty cheap!

Jennifer D said...

Just lovely. I am in love with that sofa a the pillows