Tuesday, June 14, 2016

We Like Salads When The Weather Is Warm

When the weather is hot - or even merely warm, we really enjoy having a nice salad for dinner.
They pretty much always start with romaine lettuce and/or other mixed greens and tomatoes. Then I add other stuff.
Here are a few I have made recently, starting with a Southwestern Chicken Salad. Chicken with Mexican seasoning, cheddar cheeses, a little goat cheese (because I LOVE it), and tortilla strips:
The next one was made with leftover steak, avocado and goat cheese:
And last of all,  we have a Chef's Salad, because I had some leftover ham in the refrigerator, turkey sandwich meat, and boiled eggs.
 Added some Tillamook Cheddar and also a little Monterey Jack cheese to this one:
All that's left to do is add your favorite salad dressing and enjoy!
No cooking required.


Tina Dawn said...

Those look great! We always have salad with our dinner and put a lot of strange things in them, such as blue berries or olives, and always feta cheese (because we get a big thing of it at Costco and always have a lot). I would love to eat any of your luscious salads! Love T

The Brittons said...