Saturday, June 18, 2016

Trip To Fort Bragg, Ca.

 Sis Lori here with photos from a trip to Fort Bragg, Ca.
I have a good friend who has a cousin that lives in Fort Bragg. Since it is a 4-5 hour drive, she wanted someone to accompany her, and, having wonderful memories of the area in my past, I was happy to oblige.
This is cousin Norma's home and across the street was our home for a few days.
                         A photo of myself, Norma and my friend Sherry.

Here is the inside of our lovely "cabin":

                                 We had all the comforts of home!!!
                          Norma is a weaver, you can see her loom here.

                      This was an inflatable bed and was so comfortable!

We went to see MacKerricher State Park where Sherry had camped many times.

Those light brown blobs are some sleeping Sea Lions.

      We met a young man from Canada who was traveling on his bicycle.

                           He said he was "only" going to San Diego!!!!
                                                And he's off!!!!!!

            Here are some photos of the beautiful flowers, etc. that we saw in the town of Mendocino:

We had a great lunch at the Cultured Affair Café.

      Sherry had never been to Glass Beach, so we wandered around there.

They now say no one should pocket the glass pieces, but, of course, everyone was!!!!

We needed some refreshments after our afternoon and this did the trick!

From Cowlick's lovely ice cream shop:

In Mendocino we each bought a few geodes at a toy store and broke them open at Norma's house.

I had some good luck with most all of mine, but unfortunately Sherry did not!

Also while in Mendocino, I picked up some of Heidi's favorites,
Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels from the Mendocino Chocolate Company:

        All in all, it was a great time and we were spoiled by our hostess!!!
                                      Norma, we WILL be back!!!!


Tina Dawn said...

Thank you for sharing your trip. I love that area too. Love T

The Brittons said...

loooks like a great trip! we love that place!