Sunday, June 26, 2016

Patterns From The Past: Simplicity 5670 And 5671 - Two "Cool Print Dresses"

Today's patterns from the past are two from an issue of Simplicity Fashion News, circa 1973.
"Cool print dresses to sew" sound pretty good right about now, with our summer temperatures hovering around 100 degrees-plus this week!
We'll start with pattern number 5670, seen here in a cute blue print (I can't decide whether those are trees or mushrooms? Trees, I think...)
Below, the front and then the back of the pattern - so cute with it's  little floaty butterfly sleeves:
And 5671, a "two-piece dress", is shown in a green and white print:

This one is described as a "top that wraps in front, has fluttery sleeves and flippy short skirt"; the pattern also includes "wide floppy pants".
The pattern back:
 Those separates do look cool - and comfortable, too. I'd make them in a lightweight cotton or rayon for summer.
(Oh - and just in case you are curious about pattern number 5673, which is also described on that page from Simplicity Fashion News, I wrote a post about that one back in 2014. Click here to go back and read it, if you'd like!)


Tina Dawn said...

I have that second pattern, I recognized it right away, even before I saw the front. Those kind of tops, that tied in front or in back, were pretty popular in the seventies. I didn't even recognize the first dress as the same one in the pattern, it looks so different in the "real" photo of it. And as soon as I read: "mushrooms or trees?" I thought mushrooms. I still do! LOL. Love T

Diane said...

I'm voting "mushrooms" too because of the white bases. That is cute fabric. I remember those cap type sleeves well.