Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Alfred Shaheen

I read in the newspaper yesterday that Alfred Shaheen died in Torrance on December 22nd. He designed and produced beautiful Hawaiian style textiles and clothing. Four years ago, when I sold some of his fabric online, I was delighted that the purchaser was none other than his daughter, Camille Shaheen-Tunberg. It was this lovely and bold black and white floral:
You can see his name on the selvage edge:
I was so happy because I felt like my items went to the perfect person! She also bought this vintage brochure, which featured his shop inside, among other advertisements:
Farewell, Mr. Shaheen - your gorgeous designs will live on forever!


Celestial Charms said...

What a lovely story. Wonderful for items to find their way to those who would appreciate them most. Heidi Ann, you never cease to amaze me with all the different subjects you touch on in your blog. You must be so much fun and interesting to have tea with!

yosemite faith said...

heidi-how cool was that????!!!!!!! I KNOW!!!!!!!! it makes me wonder if when i was there with my parents in the 60's the blue and white dress my mother bought was his fabric. was this also a find in you in laws house?

Heidi Ann said...

Maureen - I think that is one of the nicest compliments I have ever heard. Thank you so much - you are very sweet.

Heidi Ann said...

And Faith - Yes, the fabric was tucked away in the linen closet. She must have intended to make something with it, but never got around to it. And we found a whole box full of old travel brochures, also ( in a different closet!)