Sunday, January 11, 2009

Then And Now #26 Kleenex Tissues

We happen to be real big on brand-name loyalty around here.
And it isn't so much about the name as it is a matter of quality. Personally, when I try a lesser-priced item, I am frequently disappointed in the quality.
 There IS a difference, I DO notice, and I have found time and again that I'm not willing to sacrifice the quality of my tried-and-true brands.
Kleenex Brand Tissues are one of those items.
So, I use coupons, and I buy when they are on sale only.
We have Kleenex ALL over the house.
 This is the oldest advertisement I could find, from 1955:
And this one , from 1969 , when Boutique tissues were introduced. Remember when they only came in these pretty metallic-marbleized sort of colors?
Now, they are available in so many nice designs! These are just two of the newest ones that I really like.
And pretty in purple, with a little birdie:
And the most recent ad - this one came in last Sunday's paper, with a free sample inside. We both appreciated their Lotion tissues with recent, lingering colds!
When I say we have it all over, I mean it.
Including Kleenex that I have in four pretty vintage metal holders, and inside of drawers, we have our favorite brand in 12 different locations in the house.
And also some in the car. And no, I am not kidding.


Celestial Charms said...

Love the paisley box. So colorful...I never saw that one before. Once I tried the lotion tissues, I have never purchased anything but that type. So much softer for my delicate nose. When I was a child and had a cold, I thought it was a thrill to be able to carry around the small packs of tissue in my lunchbox at school. As a matter of fact, I get that same thrill today. It doesn't take much to highlight my day!

Annette said...

How nice to see Little Lulu and Tubby. I have a Little Lulu book, I think it is a Little Golden Book and the idea is to make stuff out of Kleenex. There was a little packet of Kleenex attached but not when I got it. Little Lulu apparently advertised Kleenex in the 40s and 50s. Great, interesting post. Love T

yosemite faith said...

my fave also - i love the paisley!!!

Pearl said...

Hi Heidi Ann... Loved this fun post today... Like Annette, I too recall the Little Lulu Golden Book of Kleenex Tissue Crafts! It's our brand of choice, also... and in keeping with my Mom's family tradition, Santa left small travel packs of Kleenex in everyone's stocking... Ahhh... the simple things in Life!


Frankie said...

I'm a Puffs girl, but my Mom was a Kleenex woman. The photos brought back some memories!

Little Lulu--oh, I remember her. I could not remember the boy's name. I figured I'd find it in the comments, and I was right.