Friday, January 30, 2009

Some Shoes

I like these shoes from 1939 - they just look comfortable to me. You may think they look like Grandma shoes. Don't care - I like 'em:
I like comfort. These shoes (from 1954) are elegant and pretty, but I think they look extremely uncomfortable. Couldn't do it:
These are slippers (Indorables!) - but I love this little red number. I only WISH they were shoes:
I also really like both of these wedge styles (from a 1974 Seventeen Magazine):

And here we go - platforms and chunky heels from 1977. Now, none of these look like they would be too painful. I like them, too:
I LOVE suede, and I love wedges. These are a little more recent - Anthropologie from a 2005 catalog. "Karma Wedges in Celery Suede" - gorgeous:
And more suede wedges from another Anthropologie catalog (2004):
I'm afraid I won't be buying my shoes from them - the celery ones were $358. Too rich for my blood. But I WILL continue to drool over the things in their catalogs!


Annette said...

LOVE the Karma wedges in celery! I like Anthropology items a lot. I used to have the cutest 70s wedges that were mostly done in a cream colored crochet. They were adorable! I don't wear heels anymore though, I think I would fall off them. Great post. Love T

Connie from Big Bear Lake California said...

Had a great visit at your blog!! I will be back!! Stop by when you can.

yosemite faith said...

i have most of my platforms/wedges from the 70's. they were so comfortable!!! also i needed the height. i like looking at anthropology too!

Debra said...

I remember how we loved those wedgies in Seventeen magazine! I love everything Anthropology too.

Deanna said...

I remember those wedgies. I remember I used to wear Famolares in high school!

The first shoes...I would totally wear them. They look comfortable to me....maybe because I'm a shoeaholic!

Deanna :)

Holly said...

Boo-hoo! I can't wear heels! I think they are so cute though.

Heidi Ann said...

Yes, Deanna - I loved Famolares, too! "Get There" shoes- I still have two pair!

Pearl said...

Ohhh Heidi Ann... I really enjoyed this shoe post. I thought those first shoes you showed were terrific looking! Loved the Vintage ads, too. I had a pair of dark brown wedgies, styled just like the silver ones you showed. I wore them everywhere and thought it was so cool because they made me tall; I'm only five foot... and no longer can wear heels. Crazy price on those sweet suede celery wedges!