Saturday, January 17, 2009

Last Weekend's Thrift Finds

Today I decided to show you some of the things I found at the thrift shops last weekend. Starting with the little deer in the picture below. He just happened to go perfectly with this sweet pair of maiden figurines that belonged to my mother-in-law! (Not to mention my obsession with collecting deer!)
I found 3 more wooden hangers - love the one that says Hollywood City Dye Works! The Style & Design book is a fabulous heavy volume with tons of pictures and information about designers, design firms, and manufacturers. The Circus Book was just different enough to catch my eye. And the adorable November angel was half price for $2.75! I'd love to have one for every month, but I want to find good deals!
Couldn't resist this tiny ceramic "furniture" made in Japan. And I love my flower pins! This one needs a wee bit of a touch-up. And I love enameled copper jewelry - like these pretty red earrings.
This Hallmark book is full of great vintage black and white photos:
I always pick up original artwork. This apple painting was done on a piece of wood veneer. I couldn't believe it when I saw that it is signed by the artist - who just happens to have the same first name and last initial as my mother-in-law! For 50c, into my basket it went!

Nor could I resist this blue and green ball fringe trim - one of my favorite color combos. I also picked up this bright green floral napkin, and the flower frog still in it's original packaging. And I have been trying to pick up Disney books for possible future decoupage projects:
I found a set of 6 of these lovely Geranium plates by Salem China, shown in the photo below. I'm not sure I have ever seen this pattern before? I was so tickled to find the black wooden easels - they were in a little bin for 50c each. I priced them the next day at Michaels - the regular prices range from 5.99 to 13.99 for the sizes I found! I got six of them . I use them all over the house to display pictures and dishes. The little bottle will be added to my Little Bottle Collection. And the candle holder? I just like glass - and this is so pretty and heavy.
And besides, it reminded me of a Jello Mold! Like the one on this:
(The little booklet was not a thrift find. It was a here-in-the-house find. More of those coming soon on another post!) I think this post is long enough already, don't you?


Kim G. said...

Cool finds! I have the June angel and the same flower frog! Thanks for checking out the studio, sorry it made you insanely jealous! Yours was the funniest comment I received!

Holly said...

Oh my! That ball fringe trim so reminds me of my mom! I say that a lot don't I? ;>

Annette said...

I love the apple painting and the geranium dishes. Love T

Twyla and Lindsey said...

You found great stuff! I love it all, but I think that you have such a good eye for great things. I have that circus book and I bought Lindsey one of those little Nov. angels for her birthday. Twyla

Pearl said...

Awesome Thrift Treasures! I'd have to say that the sweet deer is my favorite... I collect them, too, and think they're such majestic animals... Love your lil bottle, as well... It would be fun to go thrifting with you, I bet!


Stacy Magic said...

Where'd you find the Hollywood City Dye Works hanger?! My grandfather and his brother, the grandfather of a cousin I met today for the first time (we're both over 50) owned a dry cleaners in Los Angeles named Hollywood City Dye Works.

Stacy Magic said...

Where'd you find the Hollywood City Dye Works hanger? My grandfather and his brother used to own a dry cleaner in Los Angeles named that!

Eric Gazin said...

That dry cleaner hanger you found a few years ago from Hollywood City Dye Works - that was my great grandfather's business! He opened a number of dry cleaning shops in Los Angeles and even did the dry cleaning for the highway patrol at the time. If you ever would like to sell it, please let me know, thanks, Eric - gazin at sbcglobal dot net.