Monday, March 15, 2010

And Still More Thrifting

Last month, I was lucky to have had numerous outings to my favorite local thrift shops with my sister and two of my good friends. It's ALWAYS fun. I found a couple of nice big tins with pretty floral "needlepoint" designs, a small transfer ware plate and a restaurant china bread plate with a sort of lacy design I have never seen before:

I always pick up nice wooden coat hangers - these two were almost free, and I got a pretty pink and blue floral faded tablecloth, a beautiful floral sheet and a blue crocheted doily:
The sheet is so nice, substantial and crisp; it doesn't seem to have ever been used. I think it has a very Cath Kidston sort of a look - do you agree?
This great curlicued wrought iron magazine rack will get a coat of white paint:
A lovely blue flowered Vera tablecloth, blue rick rack, brass paper fasteners, and a sweet little vase or planter decorated with violets:

I also found these two frames:
Into both of which I promptly placed postcards:

Because that's what I do.


Lorlore said...

Great finds Heidi!! Love the sheet!!

Tina Dawn said...

Some neat stuff. I can't wait for garage sales to get going again. I am trying to get out and about again after not doing much since my surgery and I am ready to find great stuff too. Love T

Twyla and Lindsey said...

So much fun and so many great finds! Love it all! Twyla

C. Dianne Zweig said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog....if we are retro soul mates , I need to add you to my blog roll which I am going to do right now, Dianne

yosemite faith said...

great finds once again. frames are always so great to bring home and put to use immediately.

Apron Thrift Girl said...

The vera and cath kidston like sheet are so lovely. What great finds.