Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Colorful Nasturtium Barkcloth

Good morning. One of those Gold Country Girls Tina checking in, a lot late, due to my antiquated computer which I will probably own forever, so I might as well get used to it. At least I had a great chat with Heidi on my cell phone (I have dial-up after all) while I waited for (not kidding) about 2.45 hours while my photos loaded.

This post is about TWO of my favorite things, nasturtiums and barkcloth. Here they are together. Unfortunately, three pictures didn't want to come along, so they aren'tAdd Image here, but I hope you enjoy seeing the rest of them.
Above is a photo of a large drape with yellow and orange nasturtiums. My favorite color is orange, the orange nasturtiums are the best! I am a Leo, it is a fire sign. Go for the gold!

I was lucky enough to find a drape on ebay. I should have taken pictures of my drapes but unfortunately this morning I was trying to put the pictures on the post that I saved from ebay. Not a good idea, if you live in the Georgetown Divide and have dial-up. But I do want to say I love my drapes. I LOVE THEM! They are so hard to find. I am like Heidi with her furniture she just posted about. I want them all.

If you are a barkcloth lover, you can't get enough of it. I will share more as the year goes on, but this is my favorite and the most uncommon. I am so glad someone cared enough about nasturtiums to make barkcloth with them on it. They are the most beautiful flowers I know of. But, I have to say, they don't come in blue. So the artist on these drapes took artistic license.

But how lovely they look, whether blue is right or not. And blue and yellow are so complimentary of each other.

The textile artist (and I would love to know how they do this!) did such a good job showing the real flowers and leaves. Sometimes nasturtiums look more like morning glories or geraniums or even lilies. These are definitely nasturtiums.
I first "met" nasturtiums in a town called Hawaiian Gardens, California when my son was first born. A lone orange flower was blooming under a rose bush in our yard. I was enthralled. I thought it was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. I still love them. We did not have nasturtiums in Placerville, too cold for them to make it through the winters, and I still can't believe after all the camping we did on the Northern California coast that I didn't notice them, but it took that lovely single bloom in Orange County at a little back-house to catch my attention. But from then on, I was nuts about them.
I apologize for the late post and so few pictures. I will try again another time and show my wonderful nasturtium barkcloth drapes with my own camera.


yosemite faith said...

rachael ray's favorite color is orange. nice post and i am so glad you bought your drapes - so no buyer remorse.

Tina Dawn said...

Thanks Faith. Love you, cooking your spaghetti and meatballs a lot. Love T

Heidi Ann said...

Those are fabulous, Tina!
Nasturtium flowers and their cool round leaves are so very beautiful and I just know for a fact that your love for them is unequaled.

yosemite faith said...

i am so glad to hear that. it really is so easy and so amazingly good.

Lorlore said...

I, too, have learned to love nasturtiums through Tina, yellow and orange have been my favorite colors since early in my life. I won't ever forget seeing them so beautiful in Mendocino and Fort Bragg. They grow great there!!!

Midcenturymadam said...

I love nasturtiums too. I had them all over my yard in Alaska. I thought for sure I could grow them here but you are so right. They do not like the heat. What a great combination, nasturtiums and barkcloth. Those are some beautiful drapes.