Monday, March 22, 2010

Men's Robes and Pajamas

First up, today would have been Daddy's 86th birthday. Wish you were here, Daddy, so I could make you a pineapple upside-down cake or a cherry cake! Here he is wearing one of his favorite bathrobes:
We will love and remember you forever and a day. You were the most wonderful Daddy ever.

Check out this great pair of paisley pajamas from a 1945 advertisement. "B.V.D. Invented Comfort" - how nice of them!:

I found both of these vintage patterns at an estate sale. A pullover PJ top with a belt and three pockets? That's different:
But they all look pretty comfortable. These two styles are more often seen:
Here's a nice-looking robe; it was found with the same pattern lot:
But I bought this one years ago at a shop or an antiques show:

I liked it because it reminded me of the Beacon robes I like so much, right down to the sewn-on braided trim. I have a vintage heavy cotton blanket in a pink and white floral that I thought would make a lovely robe. Trouble is, I can't afford to have somebody make it for me. Maybe some day. I mentioned in my Beacon post that Johnny Galecki wears one of the vintage bathrobes in "The Big Bang Theory". This time I found a picture to show you - see?
There isn't much that's more comfortable than PJ's or a nice bathrobe, is there?


Tina Dawn said...

Loved this post! Happy birthday dear Daddy. I had Daddy's bathrobe (well, one of them, it was red plaid so I guess it was the same one, he wasn't very hard on it was he?) for years but I think it finally wore out. I might still find it around here one of these days. I was always going to make a pillow or something. Love the paisley PJs, and the robe pattern with the wide lapels. Yes, PJs and a robe is very comfortable, and I am testing that theory right now! My dear hubby loves nothing better than to come home from work, shower and change into his robe. It spells home for him. Love T

yosemite faith said...

nice post about your dad.

farmlady said...

My Dads birthday was March 9. He would have been 96 this year. He died 3 years ago.
I miss the man that I grew up with. He was a good dad in so many ways.
One of my fondest memories of him (in his pajamas and robe),was sitting on his lap in his big chair on Sundays, as he read the comics to me.
Thanks for a wonderful memory.