Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Beacon Robes

Vintage Beacon bathrobes are so warm and cozy. I love the heavy cotton woven fabric in all colors and patterns. I've never been lucky enough to find a vintage Beacon blanket - maybe some day - because I LOVE those, too! I bought my first robe at an antiques shop in Sebastopol, California more than 20 years ago. I was so happy to find one at a good price that fit me, and it helped me through some cold winters! That robe got ruined - (long, stupid story, totally my own fault), and I was so sad. Years later, I managed to find one almost exactly like it on ebay.
So now I have three. I was sure I had one more, but I couldn't find it when I was taking pictures for this post - so maybe I'm mistaken.
My sister surprised me with this nice red one at Christmas a number of years ago:
I notice these great old robes all the time. You will see them worn in many old movies - and new movies, and television programs. I think maybe most wardrobe departments have at least one of these in their stash! In promos for the TV show "The Big Bang Theory", I see Johnny Galecki's character wearing one all the time! A closer view of the red plaid - perfect for Christmas morning, no?
Often, the labels have come loose after many years of wearings and washings. Here's a close-up of the best label on one of my bathrobes:
If you come to stay - I'd be happy to loan you one to wear while you're here! But I don't know that I'll ever part with any of them.
The ultimate in cozy vintage comfort.
And on another note - do you know what gives me the warmest feeling ever? Family and my dearest and oldest friends - one of whom celebrates her birthday today. Happy birthday, Debbie! I love and treasure you.


Joanne Kennedy said...

Those sound so warm and cozy. I fully understand why you would not want to part with them. Nothing like bundling up on a cold winter night with a soft robe wrapped around you.


Karen Jo said...

You are such a wonderful friend. Just like your beautiful robes, our friendship is rich, colorful, warm, and cozy! Your laughter and sense of humor is something I treasure, and the way you open my eyes to find beauty in so many wonderful things. Some of my most treasured (and hilarious) memories are with you. Thanks for being there for the last 39 years! Love, Deb

Heidi Ann said...

Um - Debbie - that comment brought tears to my eyes. Love you.

oodlesandoodles said...

Well, I learned something new, because I'd never heard of those robes. They look wonderful! Barbara

Annette said...

Great robes. I can't wait to come over and borrow one. Love T

KariVery said...

Hey - did you remember that I have one just like the blue one in your picture? I'm pretty sure you were with me when I bought it - think it was in Oregon when you were visiting the first time? Anyway, that robe is an annual favorite! It is now finally cold enough up here for me to wear it! During the summer, I keep it in a plastic bag with a Bounce fabric softener sheet so it smells good when I want to wear it again. I don't like to wash it very often, so I'm pretty careful with it.

Heidi Ann said...

Kari - I did not remember - and I love knowing that! I do remember that at that same time, I believe, I bought my plaid Pendleton jacket at Stars Antique Mall. Now, I want to come up there with my blue robe so we can be twinsies, and sit and have coffee in the morning and chew the fat (well, you know what I mean!)