Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Little Angels

Sharing some sweet angels with you today. A vintage card:

Angels and more on a little shelf in our guest room:
Another vintage card:
A vintage linen Christmas hand towel I found recently with a lovely angel gracing it:
And I just found this sweet little songstress last week - at a thrift shop for a quarter. She was too cute to leave behind!
And one more vintage card - so lovely in pink and blue:
Those last two belonged together- don't you agree?
Brought to you by today's lyrical inspiration: Angels We Have Heard On High.


Celestial Charms said...

I'm alwayed amazed at what bargains others find at thrift shops and flea markets. I come across many beautiful items, but never at a great price. I must just not be so lucky, or I'm not going to the right places. You have so many beautiful vintage items. Thanks for sharing them.

barbara said...

An angel towel? That's adorable. And those last two definitely were meant to be together.

Annette said...

I just love the little card with the angel in the tree holding the star over the others. How sweet. I just was viewing it as the news told of three lovely young women dying in their car in the snow covered mountains off Hwy 80 from carbon monoxide poisoning. Now that pretty little card will always remind me of them. I am so saddened by that news, but they can now be in heaven with the angels. Love T

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Those last two do belong together. They are both just precious. I loved seeing all your angels. Twyla

jungle dream pagoda said...

Time to catch up! These darlings are soooooo sweet I especially love that last angel!